Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Coaching Classes For Government Polytechnic Lecturer- TRB Exam

SURE SUCCESS ACADEMY,  MADURAI (the best institute for MATHEMATICS COACHING) is conducting class room coaching for the post of Lecturer in Tamilnadu Government Polytechnics. According to news paper sources (Thinathanthi), Notification for the posts will be announced soon.

Total number of Vacancies
For MATHEMATICS: 100(expected)

Weekend Classes at MADURAI.

Timings: 9.30 am to 5.30pm
Duration of the course: 3-4 months
Days of Classes: On all saturdays and Sundays and Government Holidays
Date of Beginning: MARCH, 2014

Special Features of the SS Academy

ü  Extensive and Well Informative Classes by highly qualified (COLLEGE PROFESSORS) 

ü  Complete guidance for written tests

ü  Timely completion of full syllabus with stressing on vital areas

ü  Well planned test series and regular assessment of performance

ü  Previous year Question papers will be discussed

ü  Study materials will be provided

ü  Model exams will be conducted

Contact:  CLICK HERE

Friday, 27 September 2013

CSIR NET /SET/ NBHM / GATE / TRB Mathematics: linear algebra

CSIR NET /SET/ NBHM / GATE / TRB Mathematics: linear algebra

linear algebra

Vector Space 
Suppose that

V is a set upon which we have defined two operations: (1) vector addition, which combines two elements of V and is denoted by “+”, and (2) scalar multiplication, which combines a complex number with an element of V.
 . Then V, along with the two operations, is a vector space over C if the following ten properties hold.
  • AC Additive Closure
    If u,vV, then u+vV.
  • SC Scalar Closure
    If αC and uV, then αuV.
  • C Commutativity
    If u,vV, then u+v=v+u.
  • AA Additive Associativity
    If u,v,wV, then u+(v+w)=(u+v)+w.
  • Z Zero Vector
    There is a vector, 0, called the zero vector, such that u+0=u for all uV.
  • AI Additive Inverses
    If uV, then there exists a vector uV so that u+(u)=0.
  • SMA Scalar Multiplication Associativity
    If α,βC and uV, then α(βu)=(αβ)u.
  • DVA Distributivity across Vector Addition
    If αC and u,vV, then α(u+v)=αu+αv.
  • DSA Distributivity across Scalar Addition
    If α,βC and uV, then (α+β)u=αu+βu.
  • O One
    If uV, then 1u=u.

The objects in V are called vectors, no matter what else they might really be, simply by virtue of being elements of a vector space.

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