Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Tips For CSIR NET maths 
0) DO NOT start with high standard books. 
1)Start with your UG/ PG college own notebooks & TEXTBOOKS (NET topics only)
2) Read n understand first, then go for standard books
3) see old NET papers
4) Buy other best books covering NET topics
5) study in following order Linear algebra, Modern algebra, Real analysis, complex analysis, topology, UNIT 3 (you can omit some topics), Unit 4 (statistics, LPP - pure maths candidates can also attend).
Unit 1 - higher weightage , so very important.
6) Regular study schedule ( like 2 hrs daily instead fullday after long gap) 
7) use diary to note topics u study on particular day, so that recalling is easy.
8) don't prepare all topics in the syllabus, focus on topics asked in previous papers.
By Prof Suresh Kannan, NET COACH


Monday, 16 March 2015

Algebra fact

Algebra fact: Rotation can be linear or nonlinear depending on what you think is fixed. "Rotate v by angle t" is linear in v, not in t. - John D cook

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